Non-sweet Fruit Sour
- Not-sweet Fruit Sour -

Lemon sour
Popularity No1. No wax lemon used
Sudachi sour
Using Sudachi made in Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima Prefecture.
SeasonPassion fruit sour

- Sour -

Green tea high 500円
ウーロンハイ 500円
Jasmine Hai 500円
赤しそサワー 500円
Kalpis sour 600円

Whisky and Soda
- Highball -

Maker's Mark High Ball 650円
Cork highball 650円
Pickled coffee beans high ball
Use of coffee beans at the Got Valley Roaster
Black ginger highball

Yamazaki, Hakushu, Kaku, gym beam.

- beer -

The ・ premium malts <fragrant> ale 650円
All free (non-alcoholic beer) 650円

- wine -

Espace of Limari Sparkling Brut Special (Chile)
Pretty clear and sour clean taste of citrus. Mainly Chardonnay.
glass 700円
bottle 4500円
White wine
Asconi Special Riesling (Moldova)
Impressive and juicy impression like white peach. The good cost performance only because it is a minor country.
glass 650円
bottle 4,000円
Summerhouse Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
Refreshing and refreshing like grapefruit juice. The bitterness of the second half is also GOOD.
glass 750円
bottle 4,500円
Anayon Cariñena Chardonnay (Spain)
Smooth and rich like pear and custard cream. For those who like a strong sense of barrels.
glass 950円
bottle 6,000 yen
ポール ブランク ゲヴュルツトラミネール(フランス)
ライチに洋梨、パイナップルやフローラルな香りが全開 フルーティで瑞々しい飲み易いタイプ
glass 1,050円
bottle 6,500円
Red wine
Man Cellar Select Pinotage (South Africa)
Medium body with a high degree of completion. The aroma of the barrel is also easy to drink.
glass 650円
bottle 4,000円
Lunch 32 Monterey Cabernet Sauvignon (US)
Monterey, California, with a moderate acid glow. Easy-to-understand and well-balanced type.
glass 750円
ロルフビンダー ヘールズ シラーズ(オーストラリア)
Powerful aroma of plum and cacao. Rich and spicy full body.
glass 950円
bottle 6,000 yen
ジャイアントステップス ヤラヴァレー ピノ ノワール(オーストラリア)
ブルゴーニュと間違える程のエレガント系ピノ ヤラヴァレー産はやはり別格の美味しさ。
glass 1,050円
bottle 6,500円

Japanese Distilled Spirits & Fruit Liquor
- Japanese Distilled Spirits & Fruit Liquor -

◎You can choose with lock or soda.

Toyonagakura (kome) 650円
Sekitoba (Imo) 650円
青鹿毛(麦) 650円
Plum wine 650円
La France 650円

Japanese Sake
- Japanese Sake -

We have received better ones by the season.
For more detail, please get information from the restaurant.

Non-alcoholic Drink
- Non-alcoholic -

Grape juice before making wine, red / white 各650円
No additive, no water addition apple juice 650円
レモンスカッシュ 450円
Sodachi soda 450円
Pepsi cola 450円
Black ginger ale 450円
ウーロン茶 450円