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  3. Please prepare a “separate belly”!

Please prepare a “separate belly”!

Meguro's delicious hideout, fours.

In our shop, focusing on French cuisine,
Various dishes using seasonal ingredients,
We offer a variety of beverages.

And you still want to eat sweets after the meal ^^

I say "dessert is another stomach", but even in our shop
I want to eat even after having eaten a pot of rice
We have a “separate belly”!

Mix rich raw chocolate with meringue and finish
"Scent of raw chocolate terrine Yamazaki"With a rich scent
It is one item that you can enjoy a melting texture.

The recommended dessert for cheese lovers is
"Gorgonzola Creme Brulee"
Even though it is a creme brulee, it reminds me of cheesecake,
A rich dish that goes well with wine.

Lemon and vanilla smell softly,"Fresh Madeleine and Vanilla Ice"Is
Made freshly baked and fragrant madeleine
Served with cold vanilla ice cream.

Crispy texture and cold vanilla ice mariage
Please enjoy.

At the end of the meal, it's reminiscent of luxury sweets
Please enjoy our dessert!

We look forward to your reservation and visit to you today.


1-4-11 NT Building B1F, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Regular holiday: Monday

Reservation from here
TEL: 03-6421-7255

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